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Thoughts - Inspiration Manager

Remember what inspires you

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People tend to forget what inspired them — the great quotes they find in books, on social media, their own thoughts or a phrase a good friend said.

Thoughts tackles this problem, not only by offering a trusted place to store and organize all inspirations but also by generating a curated personal feed from all those saved entries. Those looking to find new inspiring thoughts can browse the Discover tab. It provides access to hand-picked quotes, curated into inspirational Stories on a certain topic. It's all about remembering what inspired you and building a trusted library of all those things.

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Core Features:

Powerful Library to save and organize Inspirations with Tags and Collections

A Feed that shows the Inspirations from your Library, so that you're encouraged to review them

Homescreen Widgets and Standby widgets so that you're inspired by the things you've saved, without having to open the app

A Discover Tab with curated stories to find new inspiration. Add Quotes from Stories to your library with a single tab.

iCloud Sync across devices

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